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Children's Dentist in Bristol

At Stoke Lane Dentistry we are passionate about looking after the oral health of children. Establishing a good dental hygiene routine is essential for the development of young teeth. We advise parents and guardians to introduce children to the dentist at an early age and to bring them to the practice for regular check-ups as they grow.

Children’s dental appointments in Bristol

Children’s appointments

Why choose Children’s Dentistry at Stoke Lane?

  • Establishes good oral hygiene habits and correct brushing
  • Monitors the development of children’s teeth
  • Detects any issues to ensure prompt treatment
  • Familiarises children with the dental environment
  • Caring, child-friendly team

Call 01179 629902 or use our online form to book an appointment where you can speak to our friendly dental team about protecting your children’s teeth.

Want to know more?

Caring dentistry to get children off to the best possible start

It is very common for children to be apprehensive about going to the dentist. Good early experiences encourage a positive mindset and familiarising them with the sights and sounds of a dental practice from an early age can reduce trepidation later on.

Our friendly team of dentists encourage children to develop good oral hygiene habits and show them how to brush their teeth properly. Regular check-ups allow us to follow the progress of their teeth as they grow and to take prompt action before potential problems develop.

Children's Dentistry questions & answers