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White Fillings in Bristol

White fillings are a highly effective way to repair teeth damaged by decay. They are a great alternative to traditional, silver fillings as the composite resin material can be coloured to match your natural teeth, making the repair almost invisible. Our team at Stoke Lane Dentistry can quickly improve the appearance of your smile by using white fillings to replace existing silver ones.

White Filling Example

White Fillings from £75.00

Why choose White Fillings?

  • Tooth-coloured for natural looking results
  • Affordable and effective
  • Requires less of the natural tooth to be removed
  • Can be used to replace old silver fillings
  • Metal-free

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Want to know more?

Restoring your confidence as well as your teeth

Fillings are very common. Silver coloured amalgam has been used to effectively repair teeth cavities for many years. Although effective, the metal material is easy to see when the mouth is open. This can make people self-conscious when talking or laughing.

White fillings (also known as tooth coloured fillings) have the same functional benefits as traditional fillings but with the added advantage of being extremely discreet and hard to detect, allowing you to show off your smile with confidence.

White Fillings questions & answers